Psychic Equalizer ‘Unveiled’ : Melodious uniqueness that just opens up doors. A world-music, operatic extravaganza.

Psychic Equalizer / Photo: Edgar Robles

We don’t know what to say. This song…

Psychic Equalizer is a band that might have blown up a capillary in our brain. For ‘Unveiled’ is this big and stadium-like pristine call of the wild, dipped in an archaic shine of metal and theatrics. An amalgam of sights, sounds, and dimension that is just…

Beautifully zen.

Psychic Equalizer’s fifth studio production explores themes of social justice and existential crises, with an epic art-rock sound that fuses metal, ‘80s synth rock and progressive symphonic rock. And every bit of its tantric but staggered lyrical annihilations, to the straight up (no apology) guitar rock, the song sings with the melodious uniqueness that just opens up doors to so much of your mind’s eye.

Your pupils dilate, and your shoulder blades perk into stance, as you realize its pension for destruction of the norms.

Glorious. Indeed.

The band is made up of talents: Carlos Barragán, Adrián Ubiaga, India Hooi and Hugo Selles.

Psychic Equalizer was started by Spanish pianist and composer Hugo Selles in 2011. It began as a solo project, mostly in the electronic ambient music field with hints of jazz and classical piano. The idea was to create musical landscapes that would suggest different emotional atmospheres and states of mind.

‘Unveiled’, the hardest of the songs, is from the latest EP ‘Revealed’, where Spanish guitars intermingle beautifully with modernity of sounds and emotions, both operatic and engaging.

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We were on Spanish Television yesterday. 💪😀🎶🤘🔥Thanks a lot! It's very nice and an honour as well. We're closing the news, on days filled with only information about Covid-19. @hugo.selles @guitarist_carlos_barragan @muska12345 — Ayer servimos de cierre para el telediario de TVE Cantabria. ¡Muchas gracias RTVE! Es una alegría y también un honor poder cerrar con algo diferente, ya que todos los días está cargado con noticias sobre la actual crisis del coronavirus. #madeinsantander #madeincantabria #cantabria #santander #rtve #noticias #telecantabria #españa #news #rockband #psychicequalizer #prensa #prensaespañola #guitarist_carlos_barragan #hugoselles #guitarsarebetter #universityofrock #highonguitar #riffs4u #progressivemetal #progressivemetal #colombia #madeincolombia #hechoencolombia #rock

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