Psychic Markers – Hardly Strangers

“Down the rabbit hole we go. Together, forever within hand and hand. Look at me, looking at you.”

Psychic Markers make ‘weird’ pop songs, as their handlers at Bella Union deems. It’s ‘a layer of ambient texture, whilst channelling rhythmic patterns’.

Does it? We asked ourselves?

‘Hardly Strangers’ the title track of the new upcoming album (which is due to drop in February 23, 2018) and it serves up a tantalizing dilemma. The dilemma is of that question of how long does it take to delve deep into that ‘rabbit hole’. We think the first half of the song, slow and methodic, places that notion on the table. It brings to the fore, our reticent hesitancy about the song.

The first half is that 50/50 feeling you have when planning for that new trip to another country.

Then there is the second half of the song.

It’s upbeat, dynamic, DIRECT, and persuasive. The ‘rock’ part of the ingredient reveals itself, coupled with the kind of trance that we’d come to know. The ‘false wall’ breaks into several pieces, and the inside of that hidden catacombs, is indulgence.

What’s in that closet of goodies?

Where are the lights?

Ok, there they are.

Break in. Listen to the odor of that malign and trans-matic sonic blares.

You’re in.


Now. Complete.

We think the song is a tease for what’s to come with the rest of the album. We’re hoping the rest of the songs represent the chapters within stories – because we love that kind of thing. So, yes. The songs are ‘weird pop’. Yes. The ‘textures’ the primary attraction of Steven Dove and the band’s talents.

That’s exactly what we’re here for, ain’t it?

“It’s more of an unwritten understanding between ourselves,” Steven Dove says, expanding on the song writing process. “If something doesn’t feel right for the band, we lose it.”

We dig this new offering from the band.

Let’s see what’s up, when the rest of the songs are available to the rest of us.

Psychic Markers is rep’ed by the fab, Bella Union.



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