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The Psychosomatics – Take Back The Night

The Psychosomatics describe themselves partly as: “Dark Wave Dance Punk from Yonkers, NY”. WTF?!? We disagree. It should be: “Dark Wave Dance Punk from Yonkers, NY – who kick ass!”. ‘Take Back The Night’ is the grinding instrument at the dentist. You’ve hardly taken care of your molars and they are taking revenge on you. One is love (for it take s the pain away); the other is your ‘payment’ for neglect.

But don’t neglect The Psychosomatics.

“As my eyes dozed into the world which the dentist put me in. I, partly, was scared – as the world around me crumbled into play dough,” he recalled.

“Now, just relax,” the dentist said gently. “It will be over very soon.”

I lay awake, half asleep.
With the world in sight, but never in touch.
Looking into the colors, so weird yet sober.
I remember my childhood, solid and weary.
Pronouncements of the mind’s heart.
They take me to the slobbering gurgles.
I lay awake, no content.
To the wickedness, behind me, forward more to come.

“Here you go, sport! You’re all good as new.”

Except I wasn’t.

The throbbing pain already was clear, on my left cheek – so deep, so red.

All that I could think of, at that moment, was ‘Take Back The Night’. And I wished I could take this scenario back.

What would Dani and John, do, if they were in my shoes?

Yep. Thought so.

The duo in this band is fab.

The punk in their punk style is crumbly and infectious. We couldn’t get enough.

Now, where’s the cafe racer leather jacket?

We dig this song fabulously, as you can tell.

It dropped on November 24, 2017 and is available now.

Kudos, Dani/John. Kudos.

Looking forward to future songs.



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