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Ptrik // The Technicolors // Bony Macaroni // John McGlynn // Esther Hazy

Ptrik – Weeks Bridge

Ptrik is Patrick Slade. The Chicagoan with a classically trained background in the saxophone, had gone and added his charm into the world of music. With piano and dash of playful grayness, ‘Weeks Bridge’ is a pop offering that has come to pass for the artist, as his journey through a future 9-5 world, needed his musical outlet, recognized. The song is about the uncertain, and the emotional rides that emanate from it. Sounds familiar and relatable. But it is Ptrik’s way of interpreting his angst through his available talents, which makes this project compelling. Simple, erudite, significant in personality, the daunting chapters of the world, is better dealt with through his music. The personal project blooms.

The Technicolors – Turn Into Blue

THE TECHNICOLORS is a rock band based in Los Angeles, which successfully combines multiple genres and sub-genres. And in ‘Turn Into Blue’, their more rockin’ side dives in behind the enemy lines, from the heavens to the terrestrial psyches of blue. With driving guitars and a pension for mystery of the heart, we rely quickly on their rhythms and magical vocal attentions. Reveling in the rights of the alt-rock sensibilities of the early 00’s, the band is a pack of energy, which is understated, but powerfully precise in delivery.

Bony Macaroni – Bony The Philosopher

“This song is about my attempts to regain some sense of purpose after the loss of a truth that really used to be mine,” stated BONY MACARONI. “call it an existential crisis, but i used to have a truth and now i don’t. idk, real stuff.” They want us to know that they care. They care about the small. They care about the large. They care about their music, and they care about life. They want us to really know that. What’s so endearing about the band is that from the first strum of ‘Bony The Philospher’, the raw challenges that brought them such frustrations, are crusted into the DNA of the words. Deliberate, inwardly looking, searching for answers, and knowing that maybe the answers won’t be perfectly satisfactory – each scream writhes in the truth of it all. Look for their debut EP soon.

John McGlynn – Sarah Jane

‘Sarah Jane’ is the lead single from new album ‘Fragments’. JOHN MCGLYNN is the purveyor of feelings in this painfully beautiful singer/songwriter classic-rock ballad offering. It is a goldmine of pure love and decadence. There are things in life, so beautiful that songs must be written for them. And when it is about a woman whom embodies the perfection of love and forgiveness, a song like ‘Sarah Jane’ comes to life. And it surely comes fully into animation, as John’s delightful vocals, bristling up against his acoustic folk sensibilities, deliver an echoing demonstration of technical and emotional in exuberance. The slow and steady march of the picked chords, relegate our voyeuristic ears, to melt and shutter.

Esther Hazy – Apathy (The Social Justice Pacifist)

Wow is how we react to ESTHER HAZY’s single ‘Apathy’. The drama of the single is palpable. From the get-go, the single embues the highly charged emotional inaction of hearts in all of us. Contrasts and blood boiling struggles, disembowel the kindness that exists; and from it all, a world impact of problems of challenges, disingenuously disgust and go un-tamed. Uncontrollable, and unbelievable. A combination of classic 70’s rock and Air Supply-esque aesthetics, the band is a hybrid of sequential vibes, on top of magical and wonderful sensibilities in song construction. ‘Tragic-Beauty’ is a term that can be supplied for ‘Apathy’, and it is a glorious offering. The Montreal based band consists of Ed Denton, Paul Lucyk and Neil Robinson


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