Puckett Electric ‘Manipulated Lightning’ : Pouncing back to the fore, chilling your inhibitions.

Puckett Electric

Thoughtful and intrinsically radical. In each staggered note of the single (and of the album), Puckett Electric’s vision for the project is wholesomely raw.

Part experimental, the psychedelic Americana rock band from Lexington, Kentucky dwells on the small, but experiences the large. It’s the setting sun, where you await for the newness of the ‘morrow. It’s the explosion of silence, where shouts of exploration is due. It’s the unaccounted emotions, never relegated to the corner – pouncing back to the fore, chilling your inhibitions.

Contrasts and off-kilter, deluge your psyche for pleasure and pain.

Founder, Scott Puckett, has recorded and released two albums, writing and recording every sound and voice. Recently, the project has expanded to include a full band, adding dimension to the live productions.

Rooted in the past, but not retrospective; Puckett Electric straddles the bridge between magic and realism, experimentation and accessibility, and finds the complimentary between opposing influences.

Wall art for your vision-eye.

Latest LP, ‘No Magic’ is out. ‘Manipulated Lightning’ is one of those celebrations we all should embrace, within.


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