PuffHost ’20 Somethings’ : A dedication to you, to you, and you. You know who you are / were.


Anthem? Yes. Fun? Of course. PuffHost’s ’20 Somethings’ is a dedication to you, to you, and you. You know who you are / were.

“This song is a toast to all the 20 Somethings who are broke, lonely, and spending all their money on avocado toast,” said PuffHost. “It’s hard to navigate life as a 20 Something and we want to celebrate that struggle with this jam. We hope it can be an anthem for those who have stress and anxiety from trying to live up to the unrealistic expectations we habitually create for ourselves. It’s about embracing trial and error, avocado toast, and getting over our fear of failure. 20 Something’s wrong with all of us.”

With a goal of taking a light hearted approach to serious topics, two 90’s kids struggle with their millennialism. The result is a beat driven, lyrical word play that never misses a chance for a catchy hook. While Indie Hip-Hop might best put them in a tidy ‘box’, their musical prowess extends far beyond just being two M.C.’s.

Their songwriting blends the familiarity of pop music and anthemic hits while not compromising or pandering to a lesser product.


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