Punchline Shares ‘Friend From The Future’ (Video).

Punchline is one of those bands that are just transcendent. For our musical sensibilities. For our contrasts in taste for a great chili dish. And for our look-out into that horizon of what alt-rock can be.

They hate on us with the kind of fabulously produced whimsy of a song (just like this single). Then their visual presentations just make us want to dance, when dancing isn’t an option for us (we can’t dance).

But we DANCE, anyhow!

Because this kind of ‘happiness’ is what’s called for in dreary days like today.

The catch melody of the single is infectious and guilt-friendly. You can like it, like it’s a hot fudge sundae. You can like it like it’s that song Radiohead could have done (but then you tell yourself that you don’t know what you’re talking about). Then you quickly forget that, then bob up and down your head in pleasure for the song.

It’s that kind of sanity which ‘Friend From The Future’ brings. And has brought.


Catch the gang on their Summer tour!


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