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Punctual – Don’t Take It Personal feat. Malika

End of Summer? Not with PUNCTUAL at your corner. With Brandy-esque vibes, mixed with the vibrant stylings of the duo (Will Lansley and John Morgan), they bring fabulous additions to the 2019 season with ‘Don’t Take It Personal’. On the vocals front, fabulous Malika keeps shining with beautifully tight and soulful singing that rocks your world. Since the ‘Money On Me’ EP from PUNCTUAL, Malika and the gang have been tightly collaborating ever since. There’s always a reason to come back and again.

Seven & seven – Whelve

New Delhi based DJ/producer SEVEN & SEVEN takes on a brooding occupancy in ‘Whelve’. The ambient house blend, coaxes with delicate wafts of the after-ward, and never ceases to keep you un-interested. The supple vocals cast on sprays of mist in emotional parries, vulcanizing feelings of solitude against the hymn reducing vapidness of the real world. You’re taken away for a moment, and that’s all that you ask. Mission accomplished.

Rooster37 – The Solution

Andy Bert is the man behind this project Rooster37. The project spring out from his base of Nanaimo, BC, in Canada, and handles the uniqueness of it all with mixed influences from 60’s R&B/rock/motown, 70’s hard rock/pop, 80’s new wave/metal/smooth jazz, and to 90’s grunge/techno/hip-hop/funk/acid jazz/electronica. A wide swath of influences resonate with Andy through outfits like Ninja Tune, Luke Vibert, Coldcut, Deep Forest, Orbital, Aphex Twin, Bonobo, Thievery Corporation, Zero 7. All classics, pioneers in their own niche and sphere of influence, Andy’s acting vision is to keep the dream alive with his own taste for deep house callings.

Y’akoto – Fool Me Once

Unsigned music artist Y’akoto focuses on Deep House and EDM. With taste of cross-over indie-pop into his house blends, charming visions amplify through songs like ‘Fool Me Once’. The tinge of tropical vibes, keep you in the realm of Summer goodness, as the song holds your hand to a grand drop. Gentle and shimmering, the single delivers in its consistency and charm. The vocals cast a slit of overcast, hinting at the past, to move fast into the new and exciting future. Love, career, new knowledge – all are there to grab. Let’s grab it.

Lyrah – Down Low (Penguin Prison Remix)

“I’ve been a huge fan of Penguin Prison for years and was thrilled when he wanted to remix ‘Down Low’,” said LYRAH. “He carved “Down Low” into a dancier, synth heavy anthem. I can’t wait for all the people who loved the original to hear this one.” We’d said of LYRAH’s single ‘Down Low’: “The San Francisco based artist, is keen on expressing her work through ominous tones of gray and middle-gray, but somehow in her lyrical formulations, comes beaming with an attitude of light and optimism.” PENGUIN PRISON is Christopher Glover, and is based out of NYC. He has a habit of making songs sparkle.


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