Puppy Feet ‘Insomnia’ : Happiness that will linger for a long while.

Puppy Feet

You bop with Puppy Feet. Simply that.

Puppy Feet is a project that “is nonchalantly fabulous, with dynamic and fun lyrics, and furiously charming vocal deliveries. Oh well. Until the next time, we’ll have to be okay with having ‘Oh, No.’ as our ready meal for our soul, as we dive through how many times we’d said ‘I love you’ to a gal, when drunk.

Even doing that once is a bit of a shame. But only shameful for people like us. But with this single, there’s no shame, what so ever, as the gleeful smile is driven towards the sky, you bop and swap bad thoughts with happiness that will linger for a long while.

We’d said “You get home and put your hands up; pull the Lazy-Boy and drink you bottle of beer. Sometimes it’s just better to go with the flow.”

Still stands. Indeed.

Johannes Heine is Puppy Feet.

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Is it Spring yet? September, 2017.

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