Puppy Feet ‘White LIes’ : Love has beat you down. He knows and won’t let you down.

Puppy Feet

“On the second track from Puppy Feet we explore what it means to be in an introverted relationship, wanting say “I love you” early on and why you should spend the rest of your lives together.” A sullen prospect for love, are layered in this gray crust of pop assertions.

“Love is hard. Make the best of it why don’t ya” is a vibe that is quite quaint and anthemic. Listen to the solo, with the change of primary chords, and you get to feel that angst and irreverence, at the end of that hard-ass day.

You get home and put your hands up; pull the Lazy-Boy and drink you bottle of beer. Sometimes it’s just better to go with the flow.

Love has beat you down. Puppy Feet knows and won’t let you down.

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This dog runs my life.

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