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Pure Tonic – Last Goodbye

Philosophical questions are posed by PURE TONIC: “Are we born too late? Is this not our generation? Or is it just our fate to blow the wind of change?” The German rock band is hard-rockin’, with all the elements that keeps us at the edge of the sanity needed to thwart this harsh world. With a viral success with their release of ‘Roll The Dice’ (33k streams on Spotify) continues with the big sounds of ‘Last Goodbye’. What works is the an ‘understanding that comes about with ‘Last Goodbye’. A tone that comes at us with the same edge as prior, but with a undertow of being different against calls for staying the same. PURE TONIC doesn’t stay the same, and they’d never agree to that kind of fervor. They continue kickin’ butt as they’d always done. Their own way, their own pace, and with the kind of music that just gets you going the right way.

Fil Bo Riva – Different But One

“In my eyes Different But One is the heart of the album,” said FIL BO RIVA. “I always wanted to write a song like this, an epic and extended piece of music that breaks all structural boundaries and takes the listener on a proper journey. A track where you really have to sit down and concentrate to fully understand and enjoy all of its facets – a contrast to music nowadays and an homage to the past. One day, after we finished recording Different But One, I started playing around with the idea of writing another song out of the „gorilla“ part.. I already had the other-verse and bridge written so it felt right and came very quickly. In a way these songs are extremely connected to each other but still so diverse – of course the key feature is the chorus and in the first place that motivated me to create these two different versions. I really liked the idea of having the „gorilla“ part twice on the album, for me this somehow summarized and explained the whole concept behind our LP.” Talented FIL BO RIVA’s debut album ‘Beautiful Sadness’ is out now. We’d recommend you experience his single ‘Gorilla’ as well. FIL BO RIVA is glorious.

Baby in the 90s – Marriage

Off of the fabulous and latest EP ‘Inertia’, the gang in BABY IN THE 90s comes up with complexity in song with equally poignant lyrical symbolisms for us to absorb. Add to that horns of delight and you have a single in ‘Marriage’ as epic as some forms of disinfectant bands like CAKE or Pink Floyd can deliver. The best in tradition and in reminiscence is where the innovation flows in BABY IN THE 90s. “So good” is an understatement. Dipped in emo, frosted in pop-rock, the indie oddity that BABY IN THE 90s presents is the refreshment your thirst had always craved for. With dynamic lyrics and clarity in voice, the Baton Rouge, Louisiana originating band just knows how to entertain. The power trio makes easy work of hard laced outputs, as our brains meld closely into that driving rhythms of the band. This fabulous band consists of Mookie Darden, Reed Dunaway, and Jeremiah Wilson. And the trio does things right. Possibilities are endless and we’re jealous of their home city’s fans.

obvious creature – perfect

From the album ‘Next Year Might Be Different’, OBVIOUS CREATURE’s single ‘Perfect’ is just sultry and near-perfect. Like an obvious thought of self revealing truths, the single brings sound sentiments up to the surface with reverence and respect. The album is in the direction of being ‘bleak’ and it it’s a ‘commentary on cruel optimism and human desire to always be something more’. The lush ambience of ‘Perfect’ enters your listening soul, and lies there with open arms, as inviting as the Spring’s late afternoon. Produced with intention of revealing more about himself, ‘Perfect’ strays with purpose, and aims to discover more. The Australia based producer keeps the discussion going.

Kaanvas – Catch 22

Indiana based artist Mark Crews, has it all together. Love? He’s got that covered. Desires? He’s got that covered. Apropos songs about life and its quirks? He’s got that covered to the hilt. Mix of emo, grunge, and garage rock combines to makes this ol’ school song that reveals itself as a bonafide delight. The talented artist, even from his first demo EP ‘White’, the knack for solid musical arrangement and most importantly, emotive communication was obvious to hear and experience. That vibe continues with the song writing of KAANVAS, as he continues his own personal journey through this world. When listening to his compositions, the gentle understandings of his heart reveals with honesty. And through that honesty, his music makes it easier for his audience to travel with him. Angst and stresses, make life what it is. KAANVAS strives to break away with every beat of his notes.


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