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Heidi Boardman

PUREST – Waste My Days

PUREST’s latest video for title single ‘Waste My Days’ is here for you to enjoy. And enjoy you will, as the song is a classic indie-rock dipped in new-wave guitar and bass aggression that is significant and refreshing. Is it just us that it feels like a waft of wind that comes in from the world through your window of knowledge and feelings? No? We think it does. And when you start dancing to this one shot video performance, you’ll feel how their live gigs will delight your senses to the brink of wanting more. More you will received. Their EP ‘Wast My Days’ was produced and mixed by Gethin Pearson (Jaws/ Kele Okereke) at Vale studios. Mastered by Emily Lazar (Foo Fighters/Sia) at The Lodge in NY except ‘Lost’ which was engineered by Dan Austin (Pixies/Surfer Blood/You Me At Six) and mastered by Guy Davie (Courtney Barnett/Foals/Circa Waves) at Electric Mastering.

Ohtis – Runnin

OHTIS’ debut album ‘Curve Of Earth’ is out and available. And ‘Runnin’ is a track is included in that furtive offering. The band consists of Samuel Swinson, Adam Pressley, and Nate Hahn. The trio brings stories of light and dark to the fore with their Americana-country delivery and subtle pomp. Within each of the set steel guitar framing and substantively encased lyrical construction, ‘Runnin’ is a delicate but assertive description of loss and revival of an individual in a solo fight of his life. Ohtis is about Sam Swinson’s step by step journey through “indoctrinations and addiction”. Subjugated by fate and decisions, his chronicles of emotional deprivation, to subsequent management of the eternal fight, the words of respect and remembrance flows effortlessly in his song. The album is out now and available for your ears and heart.

Nearly Oratorio – Juniper

From the crushing undertow of a relationship that could have been. What it was. What we could have.. It tears apart the fibers of our exact being, trouncing the inner core, for exposition to the worlds of our love and hate and remorseful revelries. Guilty after the fact, even thinking that way, we groval at those sentiments in her. Her eyes. Her beautifully gracious eyes. Empathy flows from the river of her soul. It was our fault for not accepting such love. Will we live another day, having learned of the costs rendered? ‘Juniper’ is a beautiful single from NEARLY ORATORIO. It simply is. Simon Lam is the driver of this solo project and he’s gorgeous in this presentation. Fully expected, for his other project, Kllo, is another casting of textures where he and his band mate, Chloe Kaul, deviously and deliciously attack with grace. Simon is ultra talented, and his sentiments come through within his works. The ‘gray’ never sounds more colorful when Simon’s on the case.

Edward Cantu – High Definition

EDWARD CANTU is insufferably raw. Maybe because of his personal experiences, he need a way to equate those feelings into music. An outlet that is more than discussions. An outlet that is more than a private feeling. An outlet for that chance to re-set and bloom in color, once more. “Because of jarring life circumstances in 2016, became obsessed with learning to create music,” said Edward. “The effort has shown me that the truth one finds through music, at least when it’s pursued as authentically as possible, makes intellectual truth seem almost silly by comparison.” He might recognize it now, but his work is the honesty that is so important to communicating, describing, and healing. ‘High Definition’ has a purposeful step to that end, as its looping strums hint at something magical, you pause, to take in the sights, making sure that the footing is correct. Will the future be right for me, once more? Edward wants to find out.

KAATO – Somebody, Someday

Straight from the 80’s hair band peakin’, southern-rock rockin’, cowbell blarin’, attitudes comes KAATO. Concept? Nope. An injection of what had been, always existed, now updated for the modern ears to embrace in full. Exasperating and shrieking in all of the goodness of rock that is exciting and engaging, the frills-included (but never distracting) single ‘Somebody, Someday’ embodies the traditions of bands like Skid Row and Bullet Boys of a past decade, to full evisceration. Life is good when you listen to this single, and there’s no other option but to feel that way. The Nashville, Tennessee based rock band consists of Kurt Lowney (vocals), Mika Nuutinen (bass), Hunter Lovan (lead guitar), and Christopher Williams (drums). And when the forces of rock-ness gather together between the four, the clouds split so that we all can witness the glamor that explodes into days. Check out KAATO? Heck yea you should. Word.


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