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PURPL Shares Her Single ‘You Know’. “Surrender. You Will. You Must.”

‘You Know’ is a beautiful rebuke of the sense that THIS has to be exactly THAT. One is interchangeable, and each party has the capacity to mold and evolve. The hand that touches seeps deep inside the nerves of love, clicking forward the switches of what will be – now, hand in hand.

“When I started making music, I noticed nobody understood what I meant when talking about the colour of songs,” noted Purpl. “This is when I really began to use my synaesthesia as a tool in the creative process. I’ve always had such a clear idea of the music I’ve wanted to create and over time, as I crafted my sound, all became purple.”

PURPL’s gorgeous depiction in sensuality of reality and experiences come brilliantly within her single. And in ‘You Know’ that trend continues with the unalterable embodiment in senses, and in what we do as human souls.

The sparkle and the subdued enthusiasm for life and not looking behind is becoming of what PURPL seems to be very good at. It’s not an accident that you feel affectionate towards her sonic disseminations.

“My songwriting and production allows me to take the ups and downs of life, and recycle them into something I love. It’s a diary of my deepest confessions, good and bad, and an outlet for my experiences.”


You will.

You must.



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