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Pynch – Only

‘Only’ is an ode to emotional certainties and confusions that lives within the ever changing world. Predictable, but never retractable, the laws of nature – the laws of love and affection – climbes the highest peaks, and always drives you crazy when down. It’s clear when love is certain. You drown, when it disappears. PYNCH started life when Spencer Enock made music in his parent’s basement. Now joined by James Rees, Jacob Theato, and Julianna Hopkins, the outfit is a tattle tail of euphemisms and high strung sultriness via ASMR bedroom pop. It’s a delight, as you hear in ‘Only’.

feelswithcaps – Drains

feelswithcaps is a Finnish electro-pop group consisting of Sofi Meronen, Mikael Myrskog and Aleksi Kinnunen. ‘Drains’ is a groovy r&b/soul pop extravaganza with shimmering vocals and just fabulous production. Said the band: “The song was written on New Year’s day after a party – you know that feeling when all of your friends are couples and when they leave you’re left alone in your apartment? It was also soon after seeing the film ‘Lion’ where the main character is searching for his birth mother.” feelswithcaps debuted with their EP ‘Butterflies’ in 2016 and been making waves ever since.

NOVA PEAKS – Eyes to Monochrome

NOVA PEAKS is the project of Dylan Jongbloed. The producer based in Utrecht, The Netherlands, breathes new life to those tired bones of yours, with dynamic electro beats, palpitating shimmers, and diabolical lyrics in ‘Eyes To Monochrome’. Dylan’s crisp multi-layered instrumentals and vocal outputs make this single a highlight of any trip for personal salvation.

Thin Lear – Your Family

“This song took me a while to write, and even longer to record, as I don’t think I fully understood what I was singing about when I initially wrote it. At the time, I had recently watched someone close to me lose their partner of many decades, and their resulting grief turned into this pattern of self-punishment and self-imposed exile.” We’d said prior: “THINK LEAR’s vocal attentions tickle every foyer crystal of your heart and mind. You enter into shimmer and warmth…THIN LEAR’s falsetto greeting you, and welcoming you to a whole new dawn – of you – the perfect you. The Queens New York based artist does it again.” True today, and the days to come.

Color Theory – Avian

“Saluting magpies” is a superstition at certain cultures of the world. “Spying a lone magpie is an omen of bad luck. One must show it proper respect by saluting, lest it pass on the misfortune that follows it.” We’d stated about COLOR THEORY (aka Brian Hazard): “He tries his connection with unique rhythms reminiscent of Depeche Mode, but retains the kind of effervescence, apparent. Subtle and comforting…” And that thread of masculine empathy, a feeling that constitutes a madness for the gentile and the understated, lives in the notes of his project. Delicate vocals, with organic digitization, ‘Avian’ glimpses deeper into what’s available in the public sphere. More curiosities in this world that needs to be explored.


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