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Pyramid Thieves – I’ll Roll Over

Joey Sawyer, Josh Cornell, Nick Maloney, and Chris Bouchard are PYRAMID THIEVES. And in their single ‘I’ll Roll Over’ they are glorious. With an ingredient list that includes primal screams of desperation and confusion, nihilistic trepidations disguised in sweat, and an attitude of proposed defeat – the song is what we dream and think about from a day-to-day point of view. It’s a song of the BATTLES that we wage within ourselves – but from one thought to another. “Will just giving up, be better?” Will just folding, give me salvation?” But you can’t. You won’t. It’s that fight in you – that survival instinct built in your DNA. You might be miserable, but there will be better times ahead. You hope. ‘I’ll Roll Over’ delivers prodigiously. It is off of their debut album ‘Century Fader’.

Bathe – The Silence

Thoughtful construction is where BATHE bursts into existence. The solo one-woman project is developed and navigated by multi-instrumentalist and VYB bassist Bailey Crone. The Atlanta based artist grants that life isn’t all black and white, with happiness divided by a hard line to its sadness. She knows that there are more ‘neutral’ than anything else. For life – real life – is bearing and grinning, with spurts of the extremes and memories. Most of it is just going forward with what you gotta do. Refreshing indeed. Bailey’s take on loneliness, anxieties, and loss, is a story of all of us. Let’s relate. BATHE’s debut LP ‘Last Looks’ will drop sometime, 2020.

Peace, baby. – When the Dark Rolls In

PEACE, BABY. is the musical project of Philadelphia based artist Tony Boris. There’s no pretense with ‘When The Dark Rolls In’. A song of dropping all of the un-necessary and the un-important, for the goodness of all of the things that mattered. The little things in life. The little unspoken glances. The little smiles of suppositions and playfulness. Her beautiful eyes. His ingratiating caresses. The longing for the longing of those past and now, into the new chapter of your molecules. This song is a deep exposition of Tony’s being, as he himself has gone into his “third” phase of his life, as an artist, entertainer, person, human. With a long CV of accomplishments, and relationships, he dives into a new facet of the human mind, with thoughtful lyrics, understated vocals, and gigantic philosophical flurries. Tony is where we end up, and with ‘When The Dark Rolls In’, maybe, your perspectives may evolve for the better.

Cowboy Killer – Summertime

Connor Boren is COWBOY KILLER. And just as his project’s moniker indicates, the ‘killer’ is in Connor. Well, the ‘killer instincts’ that is. When you listen to his productions, they offer many facets that expand and retract through various genres. That includes synth, rap, hiphop, pop, etc. But it’s the overarching philosophy behind COWBOY KILLER that makes it significant. For when the project speaks through the tracks, they sing with oddity, weight, vibrance, and the immaculate aroma of emotional inquiries that at times confuse and delectably confound. However, that’s what the project IS. It is that distinction that makes it so fabulous. In ‘Summertime’ Connor stated: “This song was inspired by one day when I was sitting on the beach, enjoying the little moments of the summer. I had never made an EDM styled track before, so I felt like trying something new and making one to fit the wavy vibes of summer and the beach.” The banal, meets Connor’s brain for art and shazam, You have this art-EDM piece that speaks. Get into the hook. You’re caught in Connor’s web.

Flight Brigade – Heartbreaker

Ollie, Thomas and Dorry make up FLIGHT BRIGADE. A consequential meaning for what synth-pop can be, the trio makes your heart sing with delicious hooks in ‘Hearbreaker’. It is the first track on the new album ‘Chased By Wolves’ (out now), and it delivers with the traditional synth-wave/new-wave decadence, with idillic interpretations, and neon-filled sentiments of lost chances and hearts. The band has appeared in a slew of festivals with TV appearances to boot. The simple to understand and colliding vibes of the song, really gets your secret feelings into overdrive.


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