Qi Yama ‘renaissance’ : Sheen of optimism and of life comes to the fore. Charming vibes, anointed with sparkles.

Qi Yama

Charming vibes, anointed with sparkles of the possible. Qi Yama’s sheen of optimism and of life comes to the fore in this single ‘renaissance’.

A call to arms for your heart, it’s an anthem for what ails you, then tells you that it’ll be alright. Because you’ll make it alright.

Qi Yama wrote and produced ‘renaissance’ “as a stark reminder that nostalgia is as bitter as it is sweet. This track calls upon the feeling of being present in a fleeting moment, knowing that one day you’ll look back at that time with a profound joy that you’ve created permanence in the form of a memory, yet with pain in knowing that you cannot relive it.”

The Montreal artist, revels in the challenges of living, and never backs down. His preachings of self-reliance and knowledge, assists in the most caring and most human.

The song ascends into a soft electronic bridge before reaching a wistful resolution.


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