Quarters Of Change Shares ‘Cyclone Trip’. “Always waiting to explode their new found expressions.”

Pinch of humor and having a clear view of the future is the bedrock of QUARTERS OF CHANGE. The New York City band, which formed originally as a cover band in 2015, has blossomed into this amalgam of sounds and experiences, always waiting to explode their new found expressions.

The table of life is large, and seems from their single ‘Cyclone Trip’, it seems they’ve got a finger on that pulse.

And that pulse beats hard and fast and is eager. And to see ass the band has evolved from this one idea, into the formation of layers that’s perpetuated through their offerings, is a fact that’s delightful to witness.

Consisting of lead Singer and back up guitarist Benjamin Roter, lead guitarist Jasper Harris, bassist Adrian E, and drummer Attila Anrather, the 4 have combined energy and high quality as their formidable calculus in song construction.

‘Cyclone Trip’ is from the self-titled 8 track record from the end of 2018.

But we think the single is rockin’ as hell, and sophisticated for anyone to dig.

We sure did.

Look for more from them. We think they’ll surprise even more.


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