Quarx ‘Rabbit Run’ : Rock-em sock-em no holds barred, southern-classic rock explosion.


From the band with the name from the future and music of a nostalgic greatness, single ‘Rabbit Run’ is a rock-em sock-em no holds barred, southern-classic rock explosion.

The high energy, raw, fast paced rock song, inspired from the vintage rock of the 70s, teaches lessons in that heavy ode glamor, lyrically unobstructed and virile in all the right ways.

Fostered to existence by Alaric Fricke, Thomas Vercher, Keagan Soto and Jonathan Zeringue, Quarx is a band of contrast and stories, driving guitar excellence, and reams palpable mix of classic and math rock. The forged collection of this fabulous project, is something irresistibly unavoidable.

Quarx is from the Batan Rouge, Louisiana area, and their music will kick your butt, and you’ll love it.

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