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Quelle Rox – Sparkly Eyes

Quelle Rox is Raquelle, and she is a DIY bedroom producer based in Brooklyn. She makes lo-fi psychedelic dream-pop / mellow tunes for people to chill to and writes, records, and produces everything herself. She’s premiered her tunes on Earmilk, HighClouds, Atwood and have also been on Hype Machine, to fabulous accolades. And with ‘Sparkly Eyes’, she does it again, and again, and again. As she speaks to you in those soft verbiage of love and angst, the chorus hooks your despondent relevance of your heart, anchoring it to the bay of pain and reality, so that you know you exist. You exist for love. That love you’d always wanted to never encounter again – but here you are, drenched in its essence and unforgivable aggressions of bliss. ‘Sparkly Eyes’ endures as a single for its simplicity in examining the infinite complexities of our personal discoveries. And you dwell, and dwell, and dwell in the juices of circumstances, bookmarking the times of trouble and the happiness that will come. Eventually. He will notice. She will realize.

EEVA – Jimmy From The Gym

‘Jimmy From The Gym’ is also a modern-day No Scrubs for the Insta generation and the debut single by 26 year old EEVA (Emelie Eriksson). “Jimmy’s the one who makes the most noises in the gym,” she said. “You should ignore that guy.” EEVA added: “The song’s also about what we call ‘perfect’ these days. Superficial stuff doesn’t really matter in the end. We’re all stuck in the social media wave and sometimes we should take a step back and remember to not take it all so seriously.” EEVA grew up in Oskarshamn Sweden and we bet lots of ‘Jimmmys’ in her life time. The question that is the big 500 lb gorilla in the room is whether you and us, had ever been a ‘Jimmy’ in our past as well?? The song makes people self-conscious. It makes us look in the mirror, and see is we like where/who we’d been. It starts a conversation of our past actions and where to correct. Well. For some, we’d imagine. And no, we’d never been that kind of ‘Jimmy’. lol. This charming social examination of a single surely brings the subtle heat. There always will be ‘Jimmys’ in the world. Might as well listen to EEVA’s fun take, in the course of flowing through our lives, right?

KONNIE – Hide & Seek

Melbourne based Konnie is a voice to be reckoned with. With powerful soaring vocals, dramatic builds, and intimately personal lyrics, new single ‘Hide & Seek’. Having lived in Greece for a couple of years as a child, and then with her grandparents in Melbourne in her teens – every second afternoon in her household her pappou would be playing the clarinet accompanied by her yiayia playing the accordion. Music, dancing, and using those as forms of self-expression is in her blood. It was the loss of a close mentor & loved one that pushed Konnie towards finally showing her songs to the world. And in this latest single, the passion and enthusiasm lingers in the folds of the progressions that Konnie has deemed absolute. The power of those slivers of musical ingratiations, map out the world that is reality for this time plus space. Power and glory is what ‘Hide & Seek’ also presides in its impeccable thrust and manicured tropical authorizations – embed with alkaline summations and delicate affections.

BYRNE – Don’t Leave Me

Things change. Outlook in life change. As you hold your beloved, everything changed – for the better. The world isn’t going to change for you, so you must do your best to make the absolute best. He. She. Makes you become charged with the sun glowing nuclear energy to start that journey. New or for the first time, it’s that the journey is started. That’s what matters. The opportunity that you have is unique. You mustn’t let it get away. You must do your best. You must maintain what gift you’d been given, knowing never knowing when this chance – the fragile strength of new possibilities – will last. Byrne stated: “This is a special one for me. It’s about what I value and how I plan on living my life and my desire to do it alongside a partner who simply makes me better.” Country pop artist Chase Byrne drives that wedge of thought and reflection in ‘Don’t Leave Me’. A story of a hypothetical, and a heart that is afraid of being alone once more, it is a cautionary tale, of prevention and living now to the fullest. Now. Not later. Byrne guides us on the right path.

Young Socrates – No love no action

Nashville based Young Socrates looks towards the future. Whether it be nebulous or consequential, the alt-hiphop / rapper dips into his music as he pleases. And what pleases him is that deep seeded rationalization that sometimes gets us to stay arm’s length from the possibilities of that exact future. Don’t be afraid of the dark or of the unknown, Young Socrates tells himself and to all of us. It’s just a life and that life is singularly precious to be taken fully advantage of. Though ‘No Love No Action’ is, as YS describes it: “This is about waking up from an amazing dream to a nightmarish reality”, it isn’t wrong in its conceptual description of our own day-to-day, right? Who knows. But one thing we can do is keep on keepin’ on. And maybe listening to ‘No Love No Action’ would be cool to. You know – for that journey into that corridor of life.


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