Quelle Rox ‘Rollercoaster of a Ride’ : Redeems with a perplexing ambience and tang.

Quelle Rox

Quelle Rox makes stuff like this ‘chill’ of a song. Then takes it easy, enjoying her listeners’ patience and, in time, love for her songs. She knows it, for sure. And it’s inescapable, for the bedroom pop / lo-fi attitude helps you succumb your fears for the drizzling rain of droplets and poised ambiguities, searching for your inner being.

Said Quelle Rox: “I made the song a while back when I saw a happy couple on the subway and started crying on the subway (haha) and so I went home and wrote this song. It’s about anxiety / depression and not wanting to go outside due to overwhelming reality of life (which is oddly relevant to these times).

Soothing and magisterial, the vocal tidings of QR, redeems with a perplexing ambience and tang. Perpetuating with shimmering splendor, ‘Rollercoaster of a Ride’ rivals in depth and unique beauty.

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🍒new tune out now🍒 on all streaming platforms #vialevel and lyric video now on YT 😉 thank you @highcloudsmag for premiering <33 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ i rlly love this one it’s very special to me. i wrote it more than a year back, after i saw a happy couple on the subway and started crying on the subway home from manhattan to brooklyn 🥺😂 cause you don’t really live in ny if you haven’t cried in public amiright? haha so i went home and wrote this song. it’s about a lot of things. anxiety. depression. not wanting to go outside due to the overwhelming reality of life. i found this song to be oddly relevant to these crazy times. and so even though it’s a weird time to be releasing music, it’s also a good time, to spread love and unite through collective sentiments. much love and i hope you enjoy this track xx rocky also shoutout everyone who made this track a reality!! <33 shoutout to @bae_kofi for the original beat (and his fire beats ALWAYS) and @identite_crisis for adding to the production and the overall vibe (peep that fire guitar solo 🔥) @noblethomasmusic for mixing & mastering and always killin it @creepykelli for shooting an impromtu photo for the album art and making it fit the vibe so perfectly (we were originally going to shoot together but due to quarantine, she kindly put this together so beautifully).🌹 and shoutout to whoever listens. stay safe y’all peace and love

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