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Quelle Rox Share Dreamy Opposition To The Chillin’ Prospects In Single ‘Dream Daisies’.

The prospect, as it’s called, procures the energies to go out, to laugh, to ridiculously prank, and to enjoy the love once bloomed. Once bloomed…what an auspicious statement of tactile incapacitated movements. Call her. Call him. Why not. Why you? Why him?

Do it.

Don’t be frozen with fear.

Challenge yourself, and reward yourself for doing so.

It’s a tall fence you will climb.

It’s not a falsity.

Gain it back. You deserve to.

QUELLE ROX makes stuff like this ‘chill’ of a song. Then takes it easy, enjoying her listeners’ patience and, in time, love for her songs. She knows it, for sure. And it’s inescapable, for the bedroom pop / lo-fi attitude helps you succumb your fears for the drizzling rain of droplets and poised ambiguities, searching for your inner being.

Give in. Have a listen.

“I’m usually just chillin’ at home in my pjs, getting my feelings out and what not, and I think that relaxed vibe definitely translates into my music.” She says “it’s important for me to have complete artistic control of my own music for myself and also to open doors for other woman music producers in an industry dominated by men.”




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