Quiet Blue ‘Hollow’ : Limitations of our mental causes. Continues to seek out wisdom and sonic wonder.

Quiet Blue

Quiet Blue is the musical project of Nic Georgiou.

“‘Hollow’ is a song about the feeling of futility that we sometimes get in addressing the world around us,” said Quiet Blue. “I definitely feel that I’ve tried to fill gaps in my own happiness with things that the world has told me ought to make me content. Causes, possessions and relationships have at times provided moments of intense meaning to my life but at the same time I’ve felt that my attempts to fulfill myself with these things are often futile.

Melbourne based, Nic has been inspired by the climate of creativity. Story telling. Utter grievance of trying his best to allow ears to be enveloped.

Nic added: “Sometimes the battles we fight are to no avail and what we thought was important turns out not to be. The words ‘All Night, So Bright’ are repeated during the song with a sonic resonance that starkly contrasts the rest of the song. I wanted to create that hopeful-all-consuming-about-to-burst-with-excitement feeling we all get before something we’ve been looking forward to and then tear it away to accentuate the inherent transience of those feelings.”

Observation in the highest. Quiet Blue’s ‘Hollow’ forms a semi-circle of facts and figures of our emotional subjectivities. A round about, that is always contrasting, we as creatures of this earth, is bound by the limitations of our mental causes.

Nic’s project deems that a challenge, and continues to seek out wisdom and sonic wonder.


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