R3DLTTR ‘Undeniable Love’ : Exalting profession to love and all of its truthful ilk.


Philadelphia moody-pop duo, R3DLTTR, (JG and Kierceton Keller) brings ‘Undeniable Love’. The song sustains a steady four to the floor trap house beat that stomps out the skittering trap hi-hats of their previous releases and the lyrics have gotten brighter and vibrant.

“Love is cool.” Love breaks. New starts, are impending. That’s what R3DLTTR preaches, with every beat of their hearts.

Made up of two cousins who spar with beats and synths against words and melodies, programmed precision with reckless abandonment – neon lights and the never ending nights, into their offerings.

What you get is a dynamic pop aggression, tied to exalting profession to love and all of its truthful ilk.


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