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Rach Brennan & The Pines Share ‘I Wanna See You’. “Someone Say Quirky Fun Jangly Pop? Love It.”

RACH BRENNAN & THE PINES is a promise for all of us to have more fun in life. The quirky, indie-pop band mixes effortlessly roots music accessories with the jangly and enchanting guitar folk aura that we’d come to live and love, within this single ‘I Wanna See You’.

And when we say ‘enchanting’, we just couldn’t help but dance at our desks, bobbing up and down to the beats and good nature of the lyrics.

Sincerity and honest-to-goodness innocence comes right front and center in this single, all draped to perfection by Rach Brennan. The sunny-side up song construction and philosophy is just so infectious and makes an ordinary weekend, a fabulous weekend, instead. It’s a sound that we’d not heard for a long, long time.

‘I Wanna See You’ is their first single off of the upcoming debut album, due to drop in 2019.

Rach stated: “‘I Wanna See You’ is a song about young love. All the squishy, sappy stuff that goes through your head the first time you really feel it. The kind of stuff no one wants to say out loud – that’s what we put in the lyrics. It’s a sweetly naive kind of feeling, mirrored by the playful instrumental and the boy’s ‘ooh-la-la’ serenade”

There are times when we get jealous of some band who we think ‘have the life’. But this might be the first time we’ve become jealous of a single with this kind of sentiment.

Yes. In deeper evaluation, we’re officially jealous of the possible life this song has portrayed.

And we love it.



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