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Rachel Eckroth Shares ‘Call My Name’. “It’s Your Move. Resist Or Perish”.

It had been a month since we’d gotten together. It was a Wednesday night. It was poker night. You brought the cigars as usual. It bellowed out of your mouth like a chimney – also, as usual. You brought a 6-pack of beer. The cheapest kind. The only one that you’d be satisfied with, and you alone.

Beyond unpleasantries, we were simply poker enemies. ‘Frienemies’ you might call us. You called me, friend who he hated during poker. I, called you a poker enemy, with disastrous tastes in women, fine wine, and cuts of meat.

“Why do you resist me,” I said to myself. “You know you will lose.”

That grin on your face, always popped up at around the exact 8pm time expanse. We’d all had some drinks and were feeling cozy, as every month.

“It’s your move,” he spouted in that annoying tone. “Might as well get it over with.”

“Yea, we’ll get it over, alright,” I silently thought to myself, as I ground my teeth.

“Do you love me, or not?”

He had a spell over me.

RACHEL ECKROTH explores on her albums. The newest one ‘When It Falls’ (drops October 19th) a David Lynch like sensibility and dives right where the rabbit hole deems to exist.

“This is an evolution,” admits Eckroth.

The new album was collaborated with guitarists Derek Trucks and Doyle Bramhall II, drummers Matt Chamberlain, Gary Novak and Sterling Campbell, and bassist/producer/husband Tim Lefebvre (David Bowie/Tedeschi Trucks Band).

The album and singles depart far from her earlier works.



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