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Rachel Mazer // David Nipper // Philip Whitehead // Rising Fever // Cold Violets

Rachel Mazer – Open Heart

Los Angeles based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist RACHEL MAZER is that stream of sunshine you need for your day. Not with frivolous surface attention to paying lip-service, but of substance that drive home the realities of what need to be done. To love, to gain your happiness, Rachel’s ‘Open Heart’ surrounds you with the positivity that you can earn in the market of the world you live in. Rachel’s your biggest fan, and she knows you can do it. The soulful and beautifully crafted work of ‘Open Heart’ dismays any future trepidations of our inner demons, and we’re recharged with emphasis and pragmatic optimism. Let’s get it. Look for her 10 track LP to drop, early 2019.

David Nipper – Weeping Willow

You told me that we’re going to go hike up the mountain? When will we do this? Hope it’s soon, so we can make love as we come back home and caress our infatuation for each other. And why not think this way, for it’s what we do for our companions in this often harsh life. DAVID NIPPER’s single ‘Weeping Willow’ keeps you grounded, as things change, and relationships might not feel right any longer. We love, then don’t love any longer. It’s alright. But let’s make that song to commemorate a proper send off. That mountain hike, won’t be happening. Let’s keep trying to make it, though. For we all need some sunshine soon or later. Get into this ‘reality bites’ kind of single from David. We did.

Philip Whitehead – Winter (Acoustic)

“Shortly after I released the single ‘Winter’ in January 2018, my mother passed away very unexpectedly and I took some months out of music,” said PHILIP WHITEHEAD. Downtime, needed against the eroding nature of the world, Philip comes back to the musical world with an emotive and poignant single of majesty and heartfelt visions. ‘Winter’ calls at the whims of life, then compartmentalizes the angst and wit, with dis-ambiguous honesty for what’s to come (or not). Philip is to release his acoustic EP early 2019.

Rising Fever – Don’t Know What I’m Hoping For

Would you love me again, if life coincidences were manifested differently? Deep inside, I think that it wouldn’t make a difference. It was my fault. It was my fault that I didn’t know how to express myself the way you deserved. And that’s why I’m here, thinking about you. You’re not next to me. You’re somewhere else, maybe with another guy, who might be better at talking and listening to you. It’s my fault, after all. I miss you, as I sip my drink, in this sultry and quiet corner of the world. Sammy Harrison is RISING FEVER, and in ‘Don’t Know What I’m Hoping For’, he demonstrates the kind of genuine songwriting that we all deserve. “This is a heartfelt, bitter-sweet ballad of a someone reminiscing over an old flame,” stated Sammy. “I wrote this track after my long term girlfriend returned to her native Mississippi after two years of living with me in the U.K.” The overflowing emotions from each and every word, relegates our thoughts to pulp, feeding and poignantly, relenting to our own individual desires and lost opportunities.

Cold Violets – Don’t Let Me Lose You

Pleading for the verdict, in COLD VIOLETS’ single ‘Don’t Let Me Lose You’ we seek the truth in our selves, by the indelible screams of self-hatred. We hate that we’d lost the one we loved. We hate that we’d lost the heart of the one we sought. And we hate that we’d lost the credibility in sacrifice, that was a requisite to being loved. Longing for the one that got away, presides this melancholic attribution to a world that has gone wrong. The world of your selfish deeds and non-actions. The project of Sergio Still, COLD VIOLETS, with synth and guitar, drives the nail for deliverance, that may not come after all. Latest EP ‘The Silhouette’ is available now.


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