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Rachel Thomasin – Stereo

Rachel Thomasin’s Stereo is a rush to the nostalgic, with fabulous digital actions and smooth pop vocals. The 90’s sonic trip invigorates the forgotten notes we could have, or did love.

It’s an odd mix of sounds, and arrangements – but it just works together. It has notes that hooks you in, and are very memorable.

The first is the splash work, and the combination of the digital snare. It’s an interesting mix and with the energetic guitar notes – makes us smile.

Willing to give the try of tries.
Megan rolled her tongue, with excitement.
Her focus was legendary, to the fight laid.
Promising of a better day, today, tomorrow.
Different levels, possible calamity.

Rachel’s album (dropped Aug. 2017) ‘Stereo’ is chock full of experiments, experimentations, and her fab work of digital and synth audio sensibilities.

It’s an experience, put together.

And we dig it.

Kudos, Rachel. Kudos.

Hope to hear more from you and your musical brain – to see what comes next.



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