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Racket Man // Tindersticks // Idlewild // The Goombas // Starbenders

Racket Man – scaredformore

From the upcoming album, ‘Recreational Magic’, RACKETMAN is a team of musicians who flick our ears with mustard spice and nostalgia for days and days. Their single ‘Scaredformore’ is a beautiful and catchy single embarking on a dark but oddly positive trek in a thought, a memory. RACKET MAN’s brand of music conjures up a silent guilt. A guilt of salvation, and a bemoaning beckoning, in the delightful dunk into a summery shimmer, designed for you, and only for you. Formed in 2017, the band’s debut self-titled EP release that year. Now, here they are, making fast friends, and delectable songs for all of us to enjoy. Get recreational, will ya! The band consists of Tyler Elwing (Synth, Vox), Chris Seaman (Bass), Vince Silvestro (Drums) and Tommy Marx (Guitar, Vox). Word.

Tindersticks (featuring Robert Pattison) – Willow

Unconventionally and surprisingly, Robert Pattison, brings us a beautiful vocal performance in the single ‘Willow’ written and produced by Stuart A. Staples, the writer, singer, producer, and founding member of the band TINDERSTICKS. Stuart’s work on the film ‘High Life’, is to be released on April 5th, with A24 releasing the film in New York and Los Angeles on the same date, with expansion dates to follow. The film’s teaser is HERE.

Idlewild – Dream Variations

‘Dream Variations’ is the first single from the upcoming new album ‘Interview Music’ (April 5th). Luciano Rossi and Andrew Mitchell, Roddy Woomble, Rod Jones and Colin Newton make up this dynamic and dreamy band. As 2016 came to an end they started to finish up the latest recordings. And from it, we feel the energy and vibe from this single ‘Dream Variations’, a bewitching and hard to describe urgency for the nerves, delicately portraying, obscuring the naiveté, while coaxing for the truth – a truth. “What’s really important about Idlewild is that we are basically punk rock kids,” concludes Roddy. “No one ever taught us how to play anything. We formed a band and we learned. In our own way. We were inspired by the bands we saw just getting up on stage, making a noise and exchanging ideas, and trying to change your ideas. That’s principally what the band still do. I’m not a kid rolling around screaming into a microphone on the floor anymore, but that ideal is still at our core.” We think that is exactly the ingredients that makes this upcoming album compelling and anticipated. Glorious.

The Goombas – It Ain’t Easy

With THE GOOMBAS, you get big sounds, no apologies, roots tied folk rock, and a cool and breezy method to a southern-rock kind of fervor. The Canada based band knows how to rock n’ roll, as they roll funk, soul, and everything in between with dynamic guitar slides and warranted ‘chill’. That’s what happens with their single ‘It Ain’t Easy’. Short but proud to be distributing such grand notes, the band that CCR can support, the essence of what makes good classic roots rock n’ roll is embedded in this band. In contrast to the song’s title, their sound comes second nature. “We’re very proud of this coming single, and we’re confident that people will enjoy this sound of classic vibes fitted with modern instruments,” the band tells us. And we sure do agree. It’s a trek back in time, for some deserved R&R, courtesy of THE GOOMBAS.

Starbenders – Never Lie 2 Me

What can we say about STARBENDERS that they can’t say with their music? Nothing else really. Because as the glam crew always stalks the their big and loud guitars and drums, they take us to that place where just hair raising rock was the antidote to just about anything. The crew is lead by Kimi Shelter, who brings charisma and sex-appeal on the stage, that permeates to her’s and the band’s fans. A more pop feel than most, their single ‘Never Lie 2 Me’ is about “not allowing your pain to define you,” Kimi Shelter of STARBENDERS stated. “Pain is always seen as being bad because it can be uncomfortable, but it’s the touchstone of all growth. Through surrender you can finally find peace with who you are and where you are at. The lyrics read like a love letter steeped in honest vulnerability. ‘We can go where you want, take what you need. We’ll travel the seas but never lie to me. On top of the world we can live like kings, despite the pain inside of me. On top of the world, we can be free'” When bands are made for the stage, they’re talking about STARBENDERS. They are your all-in-one kick-ass remedy for starting off your weekend right. The band is completed with bandmates: Aaron Lecesne, Emily Moon, and Kriss Tokaji.


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