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RACKETS Shares ‘I’m Not There’. “Vibrancy and fun is where they stay as a band.”

RACKETS is based out of Topanga, California and they kinda more than rock.

The band stated: “This was the first song we wrote as a band. It came from a place of therapy because one of us had some truly terrible news on that day and instead of going home, or going out to get plastered, we put our ear plugs in and got really really loud and wrote this song. It really did just flow out so easily too, it’s one of those songs that wrote itself.”

Indie rock is where they live, and hit it bigger than they though with their debut album ‘Red Flag Days’ this year in May.

The band has played with Red Hot Chili Peppers and Rick Astley (culminating at Carfest in England for 35,000 people) on world tours, and performed with Matt Berninger of The National, Blake Mills, and many more.

Vibrancy and fun is where they stay as a band.



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