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Radio Skies // Sad Girls Aquatics Club // Hemhora and the Glass Band // Tommy Newport // Guillotine Sunbeam

Radio Skies – Prism

Gather you mighty gods of the skies. Come with me to the ends of this earthly bastion. There will be fields of plenty and the world will be yours. Nay. The Universe calls unto you to dictate the best scenarios, now and eternity. But there is a starting point, of light, and illumination, where all the greatest of heroes start their journey. RADIO SKIES starts from the town of Ojai, California. With the radiant sun, deeply embedded in the cells of its occupants, the expansive orchestral thrusts of sounds, emit, naturally through the band’s veins. Without genre, ‘Prism’ give you ‘life’. Breathe deeply.

Sad Girls Aquatics Club – Oh Billy

‘Oh Billy’ is off of their fabulous debut 7 track album ‘Vodkawine’. The electro-pop duo exists with a shimmering attitude, dauntingly hidden in the shade of the pastel colors, where, within the folds, emotional reminiscence of dimensions lie. “This song is about trying to win the affection of someone who is seemingly indifferent to your general existence,” said SGAC. “Translation: This song is about Marie’s French bulldog Billy.” Yes, we agree. Pets are indifferent about stresses as un-necessary as that. But love – love and affection is a Universal story, we all can relate. Marie knows what we’re talking about.

Hemhora and the Glass Band – BMX

This is a new project born out of the whims of Batavia, Illinois (USA). The band consists of Chris Otepka, Steven Mitchell, Dylan Dresch, and Brad Showalter. The battle hardened artist have come together to create in HEMHORA AND THE GLASS BAND, a solitude of attitudes, endemic in its sonic aptitudes for the natural orders of things. You, us, and all who listen, take into heart, the validity of existence, with a grain of salt. So, we drive our senses to different facets of predictive orifices of light and dark. We get drenched. And sometimes we are not enlivened. ‘BMX’ is a beautiful song, with equatorial solvency, and Universally ethereal tactics in resonance, you hardly can keep up in stride.

Tommy Newport – Just To Be Ironic

TOMMY NEWPORT is an 18 year old Manchester UK, US transplant, who has something to add to this world of his. The debut 13 track album ‘Just To Be Ironic’ is out, and details on his headline North American tour has been announced. Lyrically, he points out: “The theme of Irony plays a big role in this project. I speak and write about things I normally wouldn’t want to talk to anyone about… Some of the stuff I write about on these tracks are things that are specifically ironic to me. Like the line, “do you love me be honest or is just to be ironic.” Word.

Guillotine Sunbeam – Fever Dream

GUILLOTINE SUNBEAM pumps out dramatic and relevant alt-industrial synth-rock blends like a beautiful single malt whiskey. Smooth, harsh, opens up the senses, opens up your pours for a glorious experience. The state of affairs continues with this delectable producer of dreams and fantasies. It is the solo project of Yoni Collier, British made, making music come true in the Netherlands.


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