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RADIO SKIES Shares ‘Do You Feel’. “Absorb The Spaciousness Of Your Future.”

What a chorus. You feel as if you’d been cast high into the sky in a trebuchet, but gliding like a blue-jay looking for the next horizon of another reality.

It’s an awkward flight up there, but once you’re there, you get the hang of it.

You love it.

You’d never been a bird before, but maybe this is exactly what you were missing.

Flap the wings, “oh wow, it’s so easy. My chest muscles are so strong.”

Dive now. Duck underneath the branches.

The sky is YOURS to explore.

What a feeling.

That’s what ‘Do You Feel’, feels like. With the unsuspected delight of a Pink Floyd’s harmonies and rhythms, the heartbeat like single soars and reigns down the shimmer of a beautiful blue clad atmosphere.

Your jaws drop a little the first time you listen to this single. Ours did surely.

The band is made up of: Danny Boy Wright, Oliwa, Ethan Glazer, Eric Sullivan, and Erin “Syd” Sidney.

Remind yourself that things are not the worst as it seems to be. And memories can change as it goes along. Be reminded of the good times and the certainties. Re-charge. You must. You can do this.

Follow that blue-jay in the sky. Your soul. Your dreams. Absorb the spaciousness of your future.



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