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Radiohead files lawsuit against Lana Del Ray for alleged copying of ‘Creep’.

Radiohead’s file of a lawsuit against Lana Del Ray hit the news over the weekend, and things got heated quickly. As the public gets to review Del Ray’s new song ‘Get Free’, the majority of opinions lean towards copyright infringement.

As for what the courts will officially say is another matter.

Radiohead’s ‘Creep’ was the first breakout song for the then indie-rock band. The song first hit the radio on 1992, quickly soaring into the psyche of music lovers who wanted something bit different. These days, ‘Creep’ is a fan favorite, traversing multiple generations. It is also a very popular song at karaoke bars. It’s a classic unto itself.

According to Lana Del Ray, she tweeted that she had offered up 40% of the sales from the song to Radiohead. However, according to her, Radiohead did not accept the offer.

From what Radiohead has claimed, it seems they are furious and thinks the ‘plagiarizing’ of the song was an outright egregious act from the Del Ray camp.

Radiohead has been in the public eye since 1985 (30 plus years) and have had a run with a lawsuit as well. Copyright infringement suit was filed by The Hollies, where the band accused Radiohead for copying their song ‘The Air That I breathe’. The Hollies successfully won the lawsuit and the song was credited with Albert Hammond and Mike Hazlewood by name as co-writers of ‘Creep’- effectively splitting royalties between the two bands.

With such legal precedence, this might mean bad news for Lana Del Ray and team.

Twitter Reactions were varied to be sure. With (our non-scientific browsing) much of the resentment and ‘bashing’ coming from Dana Del Ray fans against Radiohead. Much of the divide is between the generational gap.


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