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Rahikka – Black River II

RAHIKKA is the moniker of Carson Rennekamp. The Seattle based artist works in delightfully muted colors, expressing thought and vibes in abstract and surreal manifestations. His brush is his music, as the supple ambience vapes through membranes of reality and yearnings of serenity. Off of his 3rd LP ‘Black River’, and it follows a thematic reconnaissance into a moment in time, within a life time of emotional earnings and aiming for a mental profit forecast. Carson stated: “Much like a river, the goal of the record is to be a constant envelopment of sound. Constantly changing and flowing through subtle tones, effects, and noise…Inspired by atmospheric landscapes and imagined realities, the album is a mechanism in which the listener can transport their psyche to undeveloped planes. His LP ‘Black River’ follows his 2018 EP ‘Northern Home’.

MIRRORS – Reflections

An endemic perpetuations for the glib and unrelenting. The satisfaction for the unadulterated satiation for flesh of emotions and decadence, from which is propels. ‘Reflections’ is another fab offering from MIRRORS. Seattle based producer, Sean Goldie, keeps the emphasis of living and ‘dying’ in the clutches of a synth laden derision for the obvious. Obsessed with the outer mirrors of life, the internal inflections that cut deep inside, the scars pervade with distinctly subtle subversions that come full circle. Dark, surreal, ethereal – a compensation for the heart’s ambitious propensity for wanting more, urgently and in confusion. We all have that in our lives, no?

Ziggurat – Botheration

An analog presentation, that feels like you’re in a digital land. The piano to the drums, combine to make this utterly unique offering named ‘Botheration’. And when ZIGGURAT brings their work of psychedelic rock into this delicate and decadent offering, it is an example of gorgeous way of blending jazz, rock, and experimental acumen that shines with beautiful grandeur. Malin Pappas, Jordan Fogle, James “Slime” Smith, and TJ Schweizer, dials it down to the rivet in ‘Botheration’ as they hold your hand tight through the wormhole of stars, images, and dimensions. Formed in 2017, the band released their debut EP ‘Phases’ and has been garnering accolades since then. The Austin Texas based band continues to delight.

TROVA – Silver

From the womb, the light of destiny fulfilled his every move. The insightfully delicate child of unbeknownst powers of perception, started the process of submission, with vigor and might. The armies of descent were decimated with ultimate seduction, as the hand of a manic pulse, reverberated through this Universe of Galactic repudiation for reality. That light. That destiny. That glimmer. The child ruled, and all followed. That is the vibe that ‘Silver’ gives off to us. A sonically pertinent ride upon the ship upon glass of this Universe. Glassy smooth oceans of emotions fill to the brim and TROVA helps us fall of in a gentle and accepting dive into the dark and blue and quiet.

Nthirteen – We don´t know when we die

nthirteen is the project of German creator, Andre Neumann. Using visions in ambient, jazz, shoegaze, post rock and synth driven architecture, Andre let’s his vibes succumb with glowing vibrancy and understated whispers. ‘We don´t know when we die’ is a didactic composition of the artist’s steps into thought suggestions that help him of his own mortality. A small step of realization and acceptance that will someday be inevitable in emotional relevance. It’s the same story for ALL of us. ALL will succumb. ALL will disappear. ALL will turn to dust. But in that light, we think Andre wants himself and others to accept even more greatly the majesty of this PRESENT that we live and can experience. More don’t get to be in this current dimension. Only a handful of humans get to live in this world. Billions won’t get to breathe in the air of now. Let’s try to love more.


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