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Raiden Shares ‘The Only’ ft. IRENE (아이린) of K-POP Girl Group, Red Velvet.

RAIDEN and 아이린 (IRENE) of K-Pop group Red Velvet team up to bring delicious dance-pop single ‘The Only’ to the masses.

The feel good, groove of the top notch production is vocally delicate, rhythmically fabulous, and consistently a joy to dance to. RAIDEN bring his upbeat melodies with heart stopping tones of IRENE’s voice to the fore, with ease and accessibility.

The mostly Korean language swept single does its thing and doesn’t need to be translated at all.

The power of music, right?

‘The Only’ is the debut of IRENE as a solo artist. For RAIDEN, ‘The Only’ marks a follow up to his June collab for ‘Someone New’ with Thomas Gold and 2018’s collab with Kpop star Yuri (Girl’s Generation) for ‘Always Find You’.

아이린 (IRENE) of Red Velvet


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