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Rain on Monday // Paul Cook & The Chronicles // Keeskea // Last Fantastic Nasty // Joey Walker

Rain on Monday – Fever Dream

RAIMOND DAGFJALL started to write for his project RAIN ON MONDAY in his hometown of Kiruna. After his move to Uppsala, he began work with producer Thomas Harsem (Still Parade, Intergalactic Lovers). In 2017, with continued contribution by Harsem, ROM, released its debut single ‘Kill My Love’. Now, here we are again with another fantastically stimulating single ‘Fever Dream’, a hazy emotional play for the gray-within. The attempt is to brighten up that mysterious selection of life that has much potential. ‘Fever Dream’ slants the view on worlds, within worlds – ratifying rules for whatever might be.

Paul Cook & The Chronicles – Selfies

PAUL COOK & THE CHRONICLES shares ‘Selfies’. The catching glimpses make due. “Do you want to ride with me?” Paul asks. But there’s no hurry to demand a reply For the UK based indie-rock instigator of lovely, smile inducing lyrical works, wants to do the best service for your sensibilities. Somehow, you know he does. You’re convinced, where the honesty of intent is clear in his voice. The frame work of commitment, is endowed with simple and tasty promise of adventures. A new full length is in the works for 2019.

Keeskea – Forfeit (Official Music Video)

Weaving tapestries of colors and textures, KEESKEA holds you tight for that long and lonely drive up ‘life’s way’. The righteous revelry and the profound contentment of fantastical unicorns, were awfully hard to fathom. His eyes widened, at the surprise situation that was before him. “I know what you’re thinking.” KEESKEA is an Australia based singer/songwriter, deeply embedded in her craft of sultry lyrical deriviatives, decked and ready to somberly extract your inner longings. Get immersed in her.

Last Fantastic Nasty – Filthy Festival

Just listen to the lyrics of LAST FANTASTIC NASTY’s latest single ‘Filthy Festival’. It’s an embracing of un-requited self-enticement in what makes you in this small corner of the world. We make due, right? LFN knows so. LFN, also knows that a good kick in the butt is sometimes needed to get us to that next prog-rock level. And in that new level, will we see the great ‘guru’? Nope. Just LFN. And of course their expert technical/hard-rock sensibilities mixed, as deliciously as always. See them, hear them, get absorbed. Chicago? Heck yes.

Joey Walker – Frank

JOEY WALKER is a singer/songwriter based in Indiana (USA) and from the evidence that is his latest single ‘Frank’, his acumen for multi-layered methods of communicating multi-utilitarian meanings in his lyrics, make it a pleasure to listen to his outputs. The constant and deep musings of ‘Frank’ decides confidently, exactly the tone of delivery. His words come from him as an ‘angsty young queer person in America’ and he comes with fabulousness and dexterity, both in form and color.


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