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Rainsford // JARA // NYT FOXES // Julia Bergwall // VARPU

Rainsford – Open Open

“I’m the kind of person who is happy to fall on the sword. This song is an apology in a way. A desperate plea. Begging for another chance. In the end, it was a hollow effort.” Indie Pop singer/songwriter, Rainsford, brings forth a vintage and nostalgic feeling to present day Pop. Rainsford was raised in North Carolina, but now resides in Los Angeles, CA. With harmonies dropping like golden sunshine, you’re overwhelmed with the energy – the time tripping properties. Rainsford released her debut EP, ‘Emotional Support’ Animal, in 2018. Since then, she’d followed up with fabulous singles ‘Somewhere Else’, and ‘Passionate’.

JARA – Don’t Drop The Funk

JARA is a alternative pop musician and songwriter from San Diego, CA. Taking inspiration from 80’s horror films like Nightmare On Elm Street, and The Lost Boys, JARA creates a world combining dark themes and classic romance. The San Diego based artist brings multi-textured, richly-diverse melodies, along with impactive lyrics that the listener can feel; and in this case, dance. No dropping in this house.

NYT FOXES – Louise

Ben is NYT FOXES. The indie synth / guitar bedroom kid from Budapest, Hungary, is influenced by bands such as M83 and Crystal Castles. With a return from a hiatus, the artist with the sense to entertain with energy and fascination, his single ‘Louise’ is a fab way to answer the questions. With it, the skies of hope and promises once again open. Can’t wait to see where he’ll take his talent in 2020.

Julia Bergwall – Open Your Eyes

Julia Bergwall has always been a ‘do it yourself’ singer/songwriter from Gotland. She plays guitar and piano and wrote her first song when she was 12 years old. The new single “Open Your Eyes” is also written by Julia and the lyrics is all about understanding other people. “I think it’s very important to “Open Your Eyes” and to accept each others differences. You always have to compromise in everything from relationships to traffic rules. Choose to see good in others and their differences as a strength rather than weaknesses.” The soft indie folk pop tinged extremities of ‘Open Your Eyes’ is beautiful to listen to as your desires for the love you’d been waiting for, for so long.

VARPU – Self Medicating

VARPU shares a new single ‘Self Medicating’ together with a Norwegian fellow Grammy awarded artist, musician and producer Lokoy. ”For me the song is about lack of trust and acknowledging the mistakes we see in others often are the same mistakes we make ourselves,” confessed VARPU. “The problem with the latter is that we tend to ignore it, or are incapable to see it. You want a change but you don’t want to change. You grow up and you slowly learn what’s good for you, however the feeling of being with someone who reminds you of the love you recognised and received as a child is the most comfortable, attractive but also one of the hardest situations to be in. I’ve learned to believe in myself more and more and try to learn new patterns and never to compromise with the hurt.” The single was created together with Adéle Cechal Lasse Lokøy and Erlend Elvesveen; plus, Mix & Master by Tony Lindmark. “When we were producing the track we tried to find a balance between the relaxed vibes (the orchestra, the guitar, and the lofi drum beat) and the more suspenseful noises (the melodic noise in the intro). I feel like it mirrors the discomfort of the lyrics.” Innocence in attendance to life’s challenges. Met with gumption and strident affection.


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