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Raised on TV // Corey Kilgannon // Modern Crusoe // Panteon // Maven Grace

Raised on TV – Soul on Fire

Keaton Rogers, Kacey Greenwood, and Ryan Weiss form this energetic project named RAISED ON TV. The Los Angeles alt-rock trio takes it to the next step with hooks that rip apart and harmonies that sever those angsts to bits. A deadly combination, don’t you think? ‘Soul On Fire’ is one of those steps for their listeners, with barbs in their lyrics, soothed out with shimmer, and the grinds up the rest with driven cascade of power in understatement. A contradiction to be sure. But a joy to listen to. The band stated ‘Soul on Fire’ is: “about the fantasy of throwing your cell phone literally out the window, which is one of the lines in the song, and not caring whatsoever, which has become so hard to imagine.” Get into RAISED ON TV. There’s much fun to be had.

Corey Kilgannon – The Oasis

Corey Kilgannon is a contemporary indie-folk singer/songwriter. Corey knows how to express what we are feeling as human beings in this world. In the best traditions of artists like Jon Foreman, JOSEPH, Penny and Sparrow, Judah and the Lion, Corey keeps on singing and making us feelz. Off of his upcoming album ‘As Above So Below’, which drops at the end of this summer, ‘The Oasis’ is that fictional place to be, when you’re down, or lonesome for a new thought. An acoustic and stripped down oration of vibes and emotions, the harmonies and whistling makes the world a bit better as you listen. There are things in life that can help. Corey brings the music to your soul.

Modern Crusoe – Slow Bloom

Chris Bindloss is MODERN CRUSOE. And just like Crusoe, the ship of curiosities sail to the edges of the world and stakes its claim. A personal vision of what it needs to be; urgent and dictatorial. Visions of the external, absorb into the vibrance of what, in combination, will amount to. ‘Slow Bloom’ is a folk composition of modern interpretations that just rips into the fabric of a heart’s desire and ambitions. Chris’ talents in telling a story is quite the existential ride. Based in Santa Barbara, California, Chris has just begun his professional musical journey. Let’s see what ‘blooms’.

Panteon – The Hill

Said PANTEON: “The song’s video…utilizes a wide variety of mediums — collage, video footage and animation — which serve both as a compelling realization of the song’s subject matter and as a testament to Ambrée’s considerable artistic skill.” Berlin-bred, NYC-based indie artist PANTEON sets up the horizon, just to take it away in one fell swoop from us. The listener, stung and awe struck, are demeaned into submission. But PANTEON wants us to rise. To rise and live once more, as you’d always wanted to. ‘The Hill’ is a call to arms; an anthem for the forsaken thoughts, actions, floating armistice for the naked embers. Life is a series of truces. War will flare, within yourself and without. Always be ready.

Maven Grace – Me Vs. The Volcano

“When the worst happens, you need to find the strength to carry on,” MAVEN GRACE explained. “I was singing to myself more than anyone else, in a way. And there are days when despair wins out. But as a wise friend recently told me, when you let the fairytale die you can start living.” Thick with emotion and never short of attentive divination in relevance, the vocals of MG can never be counted out. Succulent and moist with fear, anger, trepidation, and unyielding strength to survive, the stories come apart like sand, but regroup like no other. In her soft speaking voice, tension breaks, and life can be lived again. Delectable expressions, indeed.


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