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Rama Lama announces new signing of ‘New Feelings’.

This song is from New Feelings’ 2017 Spring single, and if it is an indication of what the band represents, 2018 is going to be a fabulous ride with their new label, Rama Lama.

From the hot crop of fabulous bands in Stockholm, Rama Lama does it right, and hits the right chords in bringing new and fresh sounding bodies of work.

And we believe New Feelings is going to bring that for all of us to enjoy.

“Very proud and almost embarrassingly excited to announce we’ve signed one of Stockholm’s best live acts and the saviours of pop/rock, New Feelings!” – Rama Lama

The label indicates that the new single ‘Real Love’ will be out March 20th with the debut EP scheduled to drop in April of this year.

“We told you to prepare for big things.” – New Feelings

Love it.



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