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Ramonda Hammer Shares ‘Hoax’ Off Of Upcoming New Album ‘I Never Wanted Company’ (June 14th).


On June 14th, in the year of two thousand and one-nine, a band named RAMONDA HAMMER will drop their album ‘I Never Wanted Company’. And with that album, Devin Davis and her super-friends and bandmates, Justin Geter, Andy Hengl, and Mark Edwards, will do their damnedest to rock your world.

One of the salvos across your booty is this single ‘Hoax’. The generically named but highly conscious title, engages with your first gear in your metal head, and revs. It revs to a certain relevance that should or could be inquisitively asking the right questions.

Devin howls in a plethora of arousal, demands, and non-apologies that somehow at the end of ‘Hoax’ comes off as a sweet and nurturing gesture of good will. And you’ll find that (at least in our experience) throughout this single, as it slowly builds to an emo-rock construction, dropping the sun’s rays at the harbor of garage-rock, and then decimating your senses with the glamorous slice of Devin’s lyrics.

You asked for it. Even if you didn’t.

That’s what ‘Hoax’ is in vibes.

“I don’t write lyrics about sex too much,” Davis stated, “but it’s an important part of attraction, understanding identity, and the difference between hetero and queer relationships – especially a queer relationship with a person who doesn’t identify with the body they were born into.”

As part of the growing Los Angeles music scene, the gang in RAMONDA HAMMER is engaging and ready to hit the national stage with all of their guns blazing.

Within ‘Hoax’ there is unfinished business to be served. You can feel the hunger for what is rightfully their’s becoming closer and closer into prescription view.

“I’m an anxious person,” Davis said. “It helps me to play loud, loud, loud rock music with gritty sounds and brash lyrics. I want to challenge people, and help them find independence and self-acceptance. Sometimes you need people to scream at you – in a loving way – to wake you up.”

We have been awakened with ‘Hoax’, and like many, it will be just the first time tasting the tip of the band’s iceberg. The charm just keeps it writhing within you.

And you like it.

Looking forward to seeing its continuance throughout the album.



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