RAMVERK Shares ‘Falling’. “Diametrically opposed – but integral forces.”

Hugo Therkelson and Alex Maksic are together the monolithically vibrant statement of expression, RAMVERK.

The dancers met in their youth as students at The Royal Swedish Ballet School. While dancing for different Opera houses all over Europe, their first musical collaboration, Evolver, took shape. The magic from Hugo’s electronic workstation resulted in the polished 2005 album ‘Sparkling City Sounds’, featuring the radio hit single ‘Love Confidential’.

To the duo, and of their work, dance and music are two diametrically opposed – but integral forces – in which creative can penetrate with fervor.

“We mainly see dancing as something from our past. We don’t really have it in mind when we create the songs. The music should survive on its own and we’re not very concerned whether it works on a dance floor or not. Still, our classical opera house background and the more contemporary dance scene have inspired us a lot.”

‘Falling’ is an electro-pop assault, in gentle grating steps of emotions.

Ruminence kept on a distance of time and space. A given vision of the vibrant darkness, open up with scarecrow stiffness and unsightly irreverence. In ‘Falling’, the duo manages to clash with meteors of interpretation, while accepting the glory of manifest destiny. A sultry and driving bass, gushing in thump, spiced with gazes of optimism, at the ready – ‘Falling’ revives your sense for the Universe, without leaving your local notions.

A self discovery, indeed.

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