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Randy Steele Shares ‘Mabbitt Springs’. “Debate Within. Debate Without.”

‘Mabbitt Springs’ is a single off of RANDY STEELE’s upcoming new EP ‘Moccasin Bender’. Randy is a Tennessee based singer/songwriter who first debuted with his 2017 album ‘Sons From The Suck’, which was nominated as Bluegrass Album of the Year at the 16th Independent Music Awards.

We at CHF do like our bluegrass/folk music. And one of the reason we like it so, is that it is very much a story telling mechanism that we dig and love to listen to. The honesty in the lyrical constructions often are bare and raw and you can’t deny the philosophy behind such a craft.

And Randy continues that general tradition, with fiddles, banjos, and guitars layered to drive the storyline and the agendas of the song. With the kind of piercing vocals that this style of music deserves and expects, Randy puts on a show within this single, for all the enjoy.

It’s a nice and good distraction for your daily rotation.



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