RASHEED CHAPPELL Shares ‘Shorty Rock (Pt. 1)’. “Get Me A Water.”

Neighborhood stories of violence by the authorities we trust to distribute the right kind of justice is the narrative story telling provided by RASHEED CHAPPELL in ‘Shorty Rock (Pt.1)’.

We’ve heard it before, but we the public knows that civilization cannot live without the help of, well, ‘civility’.

And that’s what Rasheed knows as well.

We’re human beings, and we’re very nasty to each other, many time.

In ‘Shorty Rock’ the infectious ol’ school style just sticks with you until the end of the vibe. From the ‘silliness’ and the ‘chaotic’, to the ‘serious’ and the ‘sorrows’, this rhythm packs single brings it to the hilt, and then some.

It’s not what you say, it’s what you do.

Sure hard to do sometimes, though.



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