Rat City x Isak Heim ‘I Just Wanna Dance’ : Combining technicolor animation with a fun crime caper storyline.

Rat City

Rat City is known for their eye-popping visuals, and the video for ‘I Just Wanna Dance’ is no exception, combining technicolor animation with a fun crime caper storyline. In another unique twist, the video was funded by Polish-based UK private aviation specialist, social media influencer, community activist and friend-of-the-band Joseph Amissah. In return, Amissah is given a big cameo in the video, thus providing a funding model that recalls the golden age of Renaissance art patronage, an arrangement that could signal a viable path for artist and brand partnership deals in the future.

Said Joseph Amissah of their innovative collaboration, “I was a big fan of the band’s first single ‘Kind of Love’ and posted it on my Instagram. Over the summer we became friends and I brought them to Poland to play at a big party here in Poznan, they are fantastic people and make great music. In March they came to me and asked for help with the new video, and we developed the idea together. I am very proud of how it came out. At a time when many artists are finding it difficult to sustain their careers I feel that it is a good moment to be supporting great art and music and to bring some lightness, fun and joy into the world.”

Said Cato Sundberg of Rat City: “It was really great getting back in the studio with Isak for the new single and we have had a lot of fun making this new video with @the.collection.

The Sundberg brothers have been pulling out top hits and laying them down in Scandinavia, collaborating with offerings that seduce and muster emotional hypnotics, only the free (or soon to be) can appreciate.


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