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Rat the Magnificent Share Grinding ‘Olon’. Don’t Know What To Do. Get Up Off That Floor.

RAT THE MAGNIFICENT shares their grinding and gyrating single ‘Olon’ and we didn’t know whether we should eat the meat on that the table, or just stare at it like it was some kind of creature from Mars of the 1900’s.

The bridge IS this song. It is LIFE. The glue to the designed dragging of a song- a scraping the carcass of your soul – takes the weening segment of your life and throws it out of the putrid bubble, we toil and where we boil.

Their FB description states: “Rat the Magnificent are a wine based power quartet from South London wine wine wine. A mix of obstinance and oblivion, this vox/geetar/geetar/bass/drum unit raised in Dorset have been blasting out for a year now.”

It’s appropriate. And so what we think of when we hear ‘RAT THE MAGNIFICENT’ and this single ‘Olon’.

Get up now, off of that dirt floor, you sh*t. Go clean yourself up in that tub of self-relegation.

Kudos to the single. Kudos to the band.




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