RAT!hammock ‘Easy’ : Through song your heart pangs are conquered. Softly, but defiantly.

RAT!hammock / Photo: Ian Laidlaw

Melbourne four-piece RAT!hammock brings single ‘Easy’. With the addition of single ‘Same But A Little Less’ taking a ride to make you feel extra special, the band clears your schedule and makes you feel good about yourself.

Melodic and heartfelt, ‘Easy’ is a single that is intellectually sound, as the chemistry of the heart lingers in a state of suspension for examination.

“I was kind of thinking about the feeling of the first chapter of meeting someone,” reflected frontman Jackson Phelan. “They can appear like some kind of unidentifiable object. They seem shiny and dangerous, cut from crystal. And as you get close to them you get to be one of two partners in crime, committing the big heist and getting away with it. It’s dark and hopeful.”

The rather charming iridescence of sights-unseen, rattle the buckles off of your sensibilities with hum-drum accordances, mitigated ambivalence, and actions yet un-determined. But with a charm and vexing protection, the band’s radical becomes the indomitable.

Through song your heart pangs are conquered. Softly, but defiantly.


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