Rationale x Ayelle Shares ‘Hurts The Most’.

RATIONALE is the moniker of Zimbabwe-born Tinashé Fazakerley. He spent the first eight years of his life in a single room with nine relatives and no electricity in the township of Harare in Zimbabwe, before moving to Camberwell, south London, and finding solace in music. “It’s the one and only place in which I can always feel good in.”

“I’m talking about what affects us the most in relationships,” Rationale said of the track. “Every relationship I’ve ever had, it’s always been the same pattern—you have this wonderful honeymoon period where you want to bunk off work and spend all your time together. Then the other person (usually!) ends up changing. All the words they say from that point stick like glue and you can’t understand how you’ve got from that loving point, which was very clear, to the other place, which is bathed in confrontation and bitterness.”

‘Hurts The Most’ is the latest from the producer as he’d teamed up with AYELLE in this perfection of ballad. The smooth transitions from blues to excitement, is lined in silver throughout the song, when harmonies of thought and imaginations for what it could be, reflects and parries to a new degree of hope and acknowledgement.

AYELLE’s vocals twinkle like a deep caress from the one you love, as she and Rationale release our notions for what love could be in notes and waves. Drawing inspiration from her own life experiences, her writing explores a range of topics such as self-worth, power dynamics in relationships and challenging the status quo. Her latest EP ‘Slow Clap’ is available now.

Get to know RATIONALE.

Get to know AYELLE.



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