Raygun Freddy ‘Adrift’ : In another time and space our youth – of old.

Raygun Freddy

With Raygun Freddy’s single ‘Adrift’, you have something different: Dark, but always with an inviting warmth. Pure, with a projection of invincibility. Precociousness, with a hint of audible brazenness.

It’s that something that makes you feel, when you didn’t want to, or never thought you could again.

A galloping assertion of manic emotions, flood the vocals of Raygun Freddy. And as the stroll on this side of the moon continues, the shifting revelry depicts a sensitive and yet, rebellious nature of the tune.

Something we all might have wanted, in another time and space of our youth – of old. Finding. Refining. Re-discovering your worth.

Raygun Freddy has a lot to say through his music. That’s for damn sure.

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Music video vibes…

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