Raygun Freddy ‘Interstellar Interloper’ : That strikes deep, ever so, in the current climate of our human condition.

Raygun Freddy

Booming vocals and a charming pop grandeur, Raygun Freddy is a fabulous addition to the universe at hand. A falling shower of thoughts and emotions, dialed into a fantastical accoutrement for the fanciful, he gathers his energies to protrude in decadent, art-deco beauty and inviting embrace.

“This song is about being surrounded by people and despite this, never feeling more alone,” said Raygun Freddy. “It’s being so different than those around you that you’re subsequently unwelcome and ostracized. The song follows an astronaut who finds an alien civilization and despite contacting other intelligent life, is nothing more to them than a stranger.”

In the limitless space of the Universe, there is nothing more local than taking care of the small slice of your afforded existence. For no matter how large and expansive, sometimes, nothing is more ‘greener’ and ‘of you’ than what you have in the here and now.

A solum lesson of possibilities from Raygun Freddy, that strikes deep, ever so, in the current climate of our human condition.

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