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Raymond Revel Shares ‘Into the Light’. “Earthy, positive, delightful.”

Burbank, California based artist, RAYMOND REVEL successfully brings the shine of the majestic stars, onto the ground that we work, live, and leave legacies to the one’s after us.

In ‘Into The Light’, a longing for the exponentially fruitful, and positive, wrangles a tussle with the negativity and unimaginative, to collate into a line of sensibilities in honesty and gumption.

Said Raymond: “This song was written for people who have ever felt alone, or gone soul searching. It has a very raw feel, and if you’ve ever felt lost, I hope this strikes a chord with you. Thanks for listening!”

Being lost is part of our make up, as humans.

We lose, to gain.

We fail, to win.

We cry, to smile once more.

The sweet is never as sweet, without the sour.

Let’s get back on those tracks to YOUR belonging.


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