Raymond Revel ‘Running From Reality’ : Pauses the listener to reflect, for a moment.

Raymond Revel

“One of the major highlights of this song is the major contrast of intensity between the verses and the choruses,” said Raymond. “When the first chorus hits, a cinematic wall of sound hits the listeners ears, powerful enough to send chills down one’s spine.”

It’s expansive. As ‘Running From Reality’ plays, you wonder what is possible or not. It’s the fair and the un-fair-ness of life. From the small to the large, effecting your core fiber, running you daily visions, haunting your nightly subconscious.

That’s where Raymond has pushed and succeeded with ‘Running From Reality’. A tinged alt-r&b and indie vibe, the song delivers in the most tangible and pauses the listener to reflect, for a moment.

The artist focuses on storytelling with his songs – his lyrics are not overly complex, and are easily relatable to listeners of all ages.

Raymond worked in cooperation with Keith Harris and Voyager Mastering, both of whom have worked with the likes of Ben Rector, Dave Barnes, Cody Fry, Clay Finnesand, and many more.


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